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My name is Morris  and I started this blog to inspire people to travel wide and far.

My intention is also to show the world that traveling doesn’t have to be expensive and tiresome but rather budget friendly and fun.

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According to ” coastarians” , its inhabitants….Mombasa offers the best of both worlds, filled with rich Swahili culture and amazing scenery. Though hot and sunny most of the time, the Indian ocean acts as a natural fan with its cool amazing breeze.

Its inhabitants are very welcoming and friendly and one can easily approach them if lost or in need of help. Mombasa has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing and entertainment spots and one can never get tired of the charming scenery.

Surely it will take me more than a year to just write about everything in Mombasa, so is just a summary of places to visit while in Mombasa.

  1. MOMBASA TUSKS: Located along Moi avenue on your way to the Port of Mombasa, and were commissioned in commemoration of a visit by Princess Margaret in 1956 and have remained since that time. It’s free for everyone to see and take pictures.13823585_1157415494331754_2047205089_n(1)
  2. FORT JESUS: Built by the Portuguese in 1593, is located along Nkrumah Road on your way to Old Town where you’ll see beautiful carved doors that take your breath away, especially for the art lovers.

    3.HALLER PARK: ( Formerly known as Bamburi Nature Trail): Is located South of the Bamburi Cement Plant along the Mombasa – Malindi Highway . It plays host to a variety of wildlife including Hippos, Giraffes, Buffaloes and Antelopes as well as different Bird species.

    With all these and plenty more places to visit and see within Mombasa, one surely falls in love with more and more with the coastal life at each sunrise.  FOR HOTEL BOOKINGS FOLLOW THIS LINK  http:http: http:http:
    Truly, The Coastal City of Mombasa is my safe haven and my mind is at peace each time am in Mombasa.


Whether you have a long weekend coming up or want to take off for the holidays,  CAMPING should be in your bucket list.I believe camping is for everyone in the ages of  1-99 years if not a hundred years old. Young or old at heart, camping tends to ignite that sense of adventure in you.camptents

My desire to explore and experience camping in the wild led me to take a road trip with a bunch of friends which led me to SAU TSAVO CAMP.

SAU TSAVO CAMP is strategically located just outside  Tsavo East National Park, Voi Gate. It provides beautiful and pocket friendly camping grounds and facilities equipped with piped water and bathrooms. Electricity is also available on site.The camp also has fully equipped cottages ideal for budget travelers , backpackers and those who desire to experience adventure in a different perspective away from hotels / lodges .sau-cottage1sau-camp2

Get your camping gear on and travel to Tsavo East National Park and experience nature at its best.
To book for hotels within tsavo east national park, follow this link:


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